The Chinese high fin banded sharkMyxocyprinus asiaticus, is a popular freshwater aquarium fish[  that belongs to the Catostomidae family. It grows to about 3 ft (0.91 m) long and is unsuitable for most home aquariums. 
In addition to Chinese high fin banded shark, it is also known under many other common names, including Chinese banded shark, Chinese sailfin sucker,[3] high fin (also spelled hi-fin[ ) banded loach, high fin loach, Chinese high fin sucker, sailfin sucker, topsail sucker, Asian sucker, Chinese sucker, wimple carp, wimple,  freshwater batfish, Hilsa herring, rough fish, Chinese or Asian zebra high fin shark, Chinese or Asian zebra high fin sucker,  Chinese emperor, Siamese sucker,  Chinese banded shark,  and Entsuyui in Japanese. Despite its common names, it bears no relation to real sharks except that they are both fish.