Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab (Translates to English as “Tower of the Arabs“) is a luxurious hotel located on a private  artificial-Island with a bridge connecting it to the shores of Dubai(United Arab Emirates).
Burj Al Arab is claimed by some to be a seven star hotel, (probably due to a British journalist who stayed there right after the grand opening) but it is actually a very fancy 5 star hotel.
Burj Al Arab was shaped and designed to resemble the sail of a dhow (a famous Arabian/Indian ship).
The helipad of the Hotel became famous after two of the world’s best tennis players (Andre Agassi & Roger Federer) met on 2005 and the helipad to play (The helipad  was covered with grass and was made ready to play for the occasion).  it was a very successful publicity stunt for the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Duty Free Tennis Championships, the video can be seen below.