Beech in Gorbea

The peak of the Gorbea measures 1.482 meters. It is one of the five “bocineros” mountains of Biscay where general meetings are announced with stakes. It is between Alava's and Biscay's frontier. It is accessible from all its slopes and it is surrounded of a natural environment which has been used for agriculture and other type of rural works. This land was habitated of the first mans since the beginning the prehistoric life. This place, conserved apart of the civilization, forms the Natural Park of Gorbea. This park is near Urquiola Natural Park. Both of them have a variety of animals and plants diversity.
It has always been so popular for basque mountaineers who reach the top from all of the slopes. One of the tradition of this mountain is to trek the mountain the last day of the year and the first one. But the most important reference of Gorbea is the cross with the virgin Begoña. Near it, there is mailbox where people can live their letter.